Childhood Immunisation Strategy

Earlier today, the wife of the caretaker Chairman of IBADAN SOUTH EAST LOCAL GOVERNMENT, Mrs Omolola Alawode flagged off the Childhood Immunisation Strategy for working mothers in Ibadan South East Local Government area.

This programme, according to the research intervention team which is coordinated by Proffesor Olukemi Amodu is to enable nursing mothers who are the busy type (i.e) working mothers, market women etc whose children are below the ages of 5 have access to immunisation at their work place or marketplace. These are the women whose children might be cut off from the conventional way of house to house immunization. We realized that the childhood immunization rate in Oyo state is low and the demand for Vaccination among mothers can be jacked up.

Prof Olukemi Amodu came out with a strategy to bring immunization close to working mothers in the market. The intervention will be done once a week in Ibadan South East Local Government, and according to her plan, the team member will have to spend between 5 to 10 minutes with a mother ensuring there is no delay
It should be noted that it’s free.

The Chairperson in her speech appreciated the Research Team for this wonderful initiative in supporting the community in Ibadan South East Local Government Area and commended these efforts which ensures that children who are leaders of tomorrow get adequate vaccination which would prevent diseases.

Among those present at the flag off event were the Head of the Local Government Administration, Director of Administration and General Services, Director of Education and Social Services, Information Officer of the local government as well as some members of staff.

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